• No breaking of any blocks placed by another player, unless given permission. No stealing.


The following rules apply to both in-game and Discord chat.

  • No racist, homophobic, or comments telling other players to kill themselves, even if made in a joking manner.

  • We understand using self-depreciating humor and general joking among friends is not intended as serious. However, in order to make all players feel welcome, and to promote a non-toxic environment that does not open the door to true malicious hate speech, there will be a no tolerance policy for this behavior both serious and jokingly. Breaking of this rule will result in muting, temp-ban, or perm-ban at staff discretion.


  • We Value constructive input and will try to provide transparency on why we make changes and decisions. However, rude and disrespectful manners of voicing your opinion will not be tolerated. This is not a democracy. We provide our time and resources to create and maintain Ecaz. We expect our players to maintain a level of respectful communication to the staff that dedicates their time. Although we enjoy building gameplay relationships with our player base, we are not peers or friends that will put up with being disrespected.

  • Any issues you may personally have with staff should be addressed to them directly via private message.


  • No X-ray, item/inventory hacks, freecam, or other cheating. If we see indication of cheating of this manner it will result in a ban.


  • We reserve the right to ban any player that we view as making Ecaz a negative place to play for players, staff, or the entire community in general.

  • We understand that friends of these players may disagree with these decisions, however this is not an issue that will be discussed or debated with other players. Ban appeals may be made by the banned player only, via DM.



/wild - be teleported to a random place 3500 blocks from spawn.

/spawn - be teleported back to spawn

/msg - private message another player

/r - reply to a private message

/sethome - set a teleport point to your location

/home - return to your sethome location

/homes - list of homes you currently have set

/delhome - remove a home location

/playtime - view your total ingame playtime

/buy - purchase a rank

/trash - open a menu to dispose of unwanted items

/trade - open a trade menu with other player

To view extra commands available via Rank, please visit the Ecaz Store.


Ecaz shopping is a trade based system using chests.

Shopowners determine prices and amounts of items. Items that are for sale and their prices are listed on the sign placed on each store chest. To purchase items from a shop simply have the listed cost of the item being purchased in your inventory, and right click the sign. The transaction will be made automatically.

To become a shop owner please see signs in Shopping District Information Center


Several PVP arenas are available to players. No inventory will be lost in arena games. Please turn off mini-maps while in the arenas.

/pa arena join - regular combat arena. 1v1 or team

/pa infect join - large jungle arena in which one player is infected. Recommended for team play. Try to kill the infected player before they infect the rest of the team. If the infected kills another player, that player also becomes infected. They can be changed back by being killed by a non-infected player.

/pa flag join- capture the flag arena. Capture the other team's flag located in the tower at the opposite end of the arena. Bring the flag back home to your flag to win.

/pa cr join- crystal PVP arena. Choice of your own inventory or use the provided kit by clicking the kit sign in the arena lounge.

Join commands can be executed from any location. After a battle is complete you will be teleported back to the location you were when entering the command.